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Regular maintenance of your boat is far more cost-effective than a cure. For this reason, maintaining your boat’s antifouling or ‘bottom paint’ is imperative, particularly where your boat is permanently moored in the water. Antifoul is a specialised paint that protects the hull of your boat from fouling organisms. Without it, your boat will experience increased drag through the water, and your fuel consumption will skyrocket as time goes by (in extreme cases, up

to 50% less efficient).


What type of antifouling do I use?

The right product differs for various hull materials. For example, antifouls that go on aluminium hulls contain minimal amounts of copper, replacing it with biocides instead, as copper and aluminium can react and cause electrolysis in your boat. Peter our Antifoul specialist will advise you of the right product for your boat. 


How often should I need to antifoul my boat?

As a general rule, we highly recommend you tend to your antifoul at least once every 12 months.  Another consideration is if your boat is moored in a heavy water flow like tides and currents, it may require antifouling more frequently then moored in still water. With the shallower water on the Gold Coast, we are little more prone to wearing out the protective coating on the running gear.  Even in a couple of metres of water, the props are pushing sand without us even realising. For this type of maintenance, it’s necessary to take the boat out of the water, so you can see exactly what’s going on underneath. Take the opportunity of having your boat out of the water to check your anodes. Be aware that they are sacrificial items that need to be monitored.

Note: Knowing the service history of your boat is a huge advantage in taking care of it. Log all of your maintenance and the condition it was in before tending to it. Over time, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how often your boat requires care.


Our Antifoul Procedures consist of the following:

• Scrape the hull and running gears of barnacles and other underwater growth

• Grind and/or sand all running gears, eg. shafts, props, rudders, trim tabs etc

• Remove thrusters, anodes and any scoops that need cleaning out

• Wash and scrub the hull with sand paper and heavy scotch brite pads

• Prime all metal surfaces with a 2 pac epoxy etch primer and any hull bits with a single pac primer

• Mask up and spray on the antifoul using an airless spray gun


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