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We are located on the Coomera River at The Boat Works (next to Gold Coast City Marina) where we can offer first-grade marina services.  At The Boat Works, their boat yard and slipping facilities cater for a broad range of boats from your everyday runabouts to large multi-hill catamarans and luxury yachts.  We also can provide services for more unique vessels including game and house boats.


Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your boat is far more cost-effective than a cure.  For this reason, maintaining your boat's antifoul or 'bottom paint' is imperative, particularly where your boat is permanently moored in the water.  Antifoul is a specialised paint that protects the hull of your boat from fouling organisms.  Without it, your boat will experience increased drag through the water, and your fuel consumption will skyrocket as time goes by (in extreme cases, up to 50% less efficient). 


Visual Inspections

Accumulations of fouling on the hull can quickly grow into larger masses causing a lot of resistance and severely hampering a vessel's maneuvarability as well as wasting your fuel consumption.  Our Antifouling Service involves removing any foul from the hull of the vessel before a visual inspection to determine if any additional maintenance is required on the hull.  We check for signs of osmosis, anode replacement or any signs of cracking.


Marina Services

At The Boat Works we have access to the 45 tonne Sea Lift (the first of it's kind).  This purpose built machine has dual, horizontal and vertical adjustable fingers for a safer alternative to the retiring slipway.  The Sea Lift provides peace of mind to the boat owner by allowing the weight to be dispersed evenly.  They also work in with the conventional 70 tonne travelift capable of hauling boats up to 85' in length.


Phone 0488 555 443 or the Office on (07) 5519 4674.



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